• Brent: 56.03 -0.69%
  • WTI: 53.02 -0.86%


Россия получила шанс закрепиться на азиатском рынке нефти
Russia has a chance to gain a foothold in the Asian oil market
After the coronavirus pandemic, India will need more oil that it can g...
Американских нефтяников ждет отмена льгот эпохи Трампа
U.S. oil workers are facing the elimination of Trump-era benefits
What are the promises of the new U.S. administration regarding energy,...
Холодный евродом: почему на рынках растут цены на газ
Cold Europe: why gas prices are rising in the markets
Europe is freezing - the Russian budget is full....
Рост доходов акционеров и государства — основной критерий лидерства компании
Growth of shareholder and government income is the main criterion for company leadership
Summing up the results of the difficult year of 2020, it is worth noti...