• Brent: 75.51 +0.08%
  • WTI: 73.81 +0.07%


В споре НОВАТЭКа с «Газпромом» должна победить дружба
Friendship must win in NOVATEK's dispute with Gazprom
The "backstabbing" between Russian gas companies is graduall...
Атака на Абу-Даби подняла котировки нефти
The attack on Abu Dhabi boosted oil prices
Its prices are back to the level of October 2014....
Противостояние СПГ и трубы в 2022 году: где борьба будет острее всего
Confrontation between LNG and pipe in 2022: where the struggle will be the sharpest
The U.S. is announcing a huge increase in liquefied natural gas produc...
И. Назаралиев: с каждым годом «НафтаГаз» становится все более технологичной компанией
И. Nazaraliev: every year "NaftaGaz" becomes more and more technological company
In his interview to Neftegaz.RU CEO Islam Nazaraliev spoke about his e...