• Brent: 68.89 +1.66%
  • WTI: 65.6 +1.55%


ОПЕК не изменила прогнозы мирового спроса на нефть в этом году
OPEC has not changed global oil demand forecasts for this year
OPEC did not change its forecast for global oil demand growth in 2021 ...
СПГ-топливо для судов делают привлекательным насильно
LNG fuel for ships is made attractive forcefully
Liquefied gas is increasingly being used as a fuel for ships, the numb...
Снова 90-е. Когда цена нефти рухнет в 10 раз
It's the '90s all over again. When the price of oil collapses tenfold
The reduction in demand for oil due to the transition to new modes of ...
Кредиты дороже технологий
Credit is more expensive than technology
How sanctions have affected the Russian oil and gas industry....