Oil and Gas market

International Oil and Gas, Information and Technology platform pools information about all international Oil & Gas markets and gives possibility to see what each market consists of. The database includes more than 50 Oil & Gas markets and more than 100 countries supplying products and services. Each national Oil & Gas market includes: Customers, Service, Products and Technologies Providers, Innovations, Projects, News, Events, Analysts.

Oil and Gas market

Industry ecosystem

Ecosystem of Oil & Gas market is represented as follows: subsoil users, hydrocarbons transport, hydrocarbon processing, hydrocarbon sales, main works contractors, service providers, products producers, products suppliers, project organization, research organization, technical and technological developers.

Industry ecosystem


Customer companies that form the national oil and gas market include companies engaged in the exploration, production, transportation and processing of hydrocarbons.

Information- Technology Platform

All highly specialized information is systematized and identified by means of industry-specific catalogs-classifiers specially developed for the project. When entering the database, the system identifies: companies, technologies, innovation, types of services, products, raw materials, software, projects.

Sectorial areas
Types of products
Types of services



  1. Quick search

    A single resource that unites systematized industry databases makes it possible to quickly search for focused industry specializations (technologies, services, equipment, materials, software)

  2. Selection possibility

    A unified classification makes it possible to select technologies, equipment, materials and software for highly specialized types of work, as well as to select industry analogues

  1. New markets

    Displaying entry points to new markets

  2. Quick progress

    The permanent international industry online exhibition (platform) makes it possible to quickly promote services, developments and products at minimal cost

features of the catalog

Innovation lies in the development of a global digital industrial ecosystem, implemented through a single unified systematization of industry databases with automated identification functionality

Unique features of the catalog

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  1. The developed Unified International Classification of Industry Specializations allows you to move to a new level of technological development through:

  2. Systematization of information on scientific and technical developments
  3. Unified international identification of tender procurement procedures
  1. Simplification of procedures for the selection and transfer of technologies
  2. Creation of a global industry tracking system
  3. Creation of a unified international industrial patenting system for technologies and innovative developments