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TATNEFT Joined the TOP-10 of Environmental Efficiency Rating

The Company headed the list of top ten environmentally efficient enterprises in terms of the disclosed transparency indicators.

The environmental rating of the ERA agency assessed the fundamental efficiency of the companies’ production activities. This rating reflects the ability of the enterprises to operate with a low environmental impact, economical consumption of resources and energy, minimal losses of ecosystem stability in the area of ​​ the enterprises’ presence, while increasing the production amount per unit of resources spending and environmental reporting open to the society.

The ranking identified 160 leaders in 16 groups based on technological similarities. There were 289 companies participated in the Oil and Gas Production and Pumping Group. There were 5 criteria applied (energy resource, technological and ecosystem efficiency, the efficiency dynamics and transparency) in the ERA evaluation process. The transparency indicator of TATNEFT amounted to 91.6%.

The transparency is an important factor in the business sustainability. TATNEFT publishes a sustainability report that meets the requirements of GRI standards. Joining the UN Global Compact, the Company increases the integration level of all sustainable development aspects into business processes and continues to increase the Company’s contribution to the fight against climate change.