NOVATEK reports modest climb in gas output in 2021

The bump in output follows Novatek's launch of the Kharbeyskoye field in west Siberia in November.

The largest independent natural gas producer in Russia NOVATEK achieved a 3.3% increase in its gas production to 79.89 bn m3 in 2021, the company reported on January 13.

The bump in output follows NOVATEK's launch of the Kharbeyskoye field in west Siberia in November, projected to flow 3.6 bn m3 of gas and 0.6 mn metric tons of condensate annually.

NOVATEK's liquids output in 2021 was only 0.5% higher in 2021 at 12.299 mn mt, bringing its overall hydrocarbon supply to 1.72 mn barrels of oil equivalent/day, up 3.2%.

The company sold 3,909 thousand tons of crude oil and 2,341 thousand tons of stable gas condensate.

The amount of gas that NOVATEK sold in Russia was up 0.3% at 75.81 bn m3, whereas international sales were down 11.1% at 7.94 bn m3.

But this was mainly because of higher sales under long-term contracts by NOVATEK's Yamal LNG joint venture that are not consolidated in the company's data, at the expense of direct sales by NOVATEK on a spot basis.

Kharbeyskoye is the 3rd of the North-Russkiy fields that NOVATEK has commissioned.

The final field in the cluster, yet to be brought online, is Dorogovskoye.