About portal


- international oil and gas techonological web portal


Web portal goals and objectives

- To create the global data resource joining members of oil and gas companies and related service companies.

- To illustrate national oil and gas market specific features along with the actual home-based resources.

- To implement universal classification of technologies, equipment, materials and software in order to organize databases.

- To form specialized hubs, linking customers needs and suppliers capabilities by means of specifying sub-specializations.

- To optimize innovation systems and to attract investments to oil and gas projects.

Web portal key features

  1. OilGasServiceNavigator web portal is the unique information resource which shows all current and prospective oil and gas technologies, equipment, materials and software.
  2. Universal classifier, developed for the web portal, combines oil and gas directories and identifying technologies, services, equipment, materials, software, innovations and projects which gives extra opportunities for specific oil and gas information searching and publication.
  3. Every portal database is free-access and is updated by a qualified professional on a daily basis.
  4. By cataloging and classifying technology, equipment and material innovations the portal illustrates national markets level of development, attracts investors to innovations and projects, helps to adopt R&D products, joins developers, designers and customers which leads to increase of web portal databases interest level.

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