Discovering markets
International oil and gas information and technology platform
This portal classifies and catalogs information on national oil and gas markets, demonstrates applied and new technologies and equipment, revealing possibilities of:
  • service companies;
  • equipment and materials producers;
  • equipment and materials suppliers;
  • design research institutes;

  as well as presenting needs of:
  • subsoil users;
  • hydrocarbons transportation;
  • hydrocarbons refining.
Country and language
Country and language selection
National operators of countries,
involved in oil and gas industry,
form public access data bases.

User selects the country of interest
and the language used.
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Language English
Customer companies of oil and gas market catalogue
Customer companies, that form market of oil and gas services, perform exploration, production, transportation and refining of hydrocarbons.
Technologies and services
Technologies and services catalogue
Applied technologies are the main part of services package, contracted by customer.

Catalogue classifier comprises technical description, list of equipment and materials used, and list of companies, that provide services with these technologies.
Equipment and tools
Equipment and tools catalogue
Website provides with wide variety of equipment and tools for oil and gas industry.

Contains technical description and and comparison of equipment. Demonstrates market of equipment producers and suppliers, and companies, providing services of equipment  leasing, maintenance and repair.
Catalogue of materials
Portal presents a wide range of materials and raw materials used in the oil and gas industry, displays the market of manufacturers and suppliers.
Software catalog

The catalogue represents software classified according to technological oil and gas sub-specializations.

The catalogue contains software description, information about actual versions, installing system requirements and developing and distributing companies.

Innovations catalogue
The know-how of the oil and gas industry applies to technology, equipment and materials. Each of these focus areas goes through several stages:
  • theoretical development;
  • patent;
  • investment attraction;
  • prototype development;
  • pilot test;
  • implementation;
  • application in the production cycle.
Projects catalogue
Catalog comprises investment projects for participation at certain stages of their implementation.
Information section
Information section presents: news block, events held in the oil and gas industry, analytics, contacts, information about the portal and partners.